Полный текст автореферат диссертации Д-р ОВНУК, Х. на тему: … (На Англискии языку)

English Version Of Abstract Of My PhD

English Version Of Abstract Of My PhD

Полный текст автореферат диссертации на тему: «История культуры туркмен Ирана (XIX-XX вв.)» по Исторические наук, специальность Отечественная история (На Англискии языку).

The full text of the synopsis of dissertation on the topic: “The Cultural History of Turkmens of Iran (XIX-XX cc.)” of Historical Sciences, specialty National history (in English language).
متن کامل انگلیسی خلاصه رساله (آوتورفرات) از پی اچ دی در موضوع: «تاریخ فرهنگ ترکمنهای ایران قرون (19-20 ع ع.)»، در علوم تاریخ، تخصص در «واطان تاریخ» (به زبان انگلیسی).
My PhD Materials — Author: Dr. Ownuk, Hangeldi
Editor an English: Elaine Harmston
Characteristics of the studyIt is necessary to examine the issue in terms of: More than one hundred years of Russian, and later Soviet Rule-based aggression in order to capture more territories in Central Asia was carried out between residents of northern Turkmenistan and Turkmnsehra, and subsequently, separation occurred. As a result of the rupture, families were ripped apart, and family members were unaware of each other across the border. Consequently, they were considered strangers to each other.As a result of events among the inhabitants of the east coast of the Caspian Sea in the second half of the XIX century, with the confiscation of Central Asia by the Russians, political relations began to break down between Iran and Russia, and Russia led the nation and much of the Turkmenistan’s south.
The Plains of Gurgen (Desht-i Gorgan) or Turkmensahra are located in the south territories of River Atrak, until the «dense forest on the north slopes of the Alborz Mountains to the eastern corner of the continuity and the eastern side, is limited to the mountains of province Khorasan» [(1)] «Based on the available information, in 1992, the 1.5 million net Turkmen population live in over 20 thousand square meters of Turkmensahra.»[(2)] [(3)]
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    1. نصرالله کسرائیان و زیبا عرشی، «ترکمنهای ایران»، انتشارات «سکّه»، تهران – سال 1991، ص. 25
  • 2. Логашова Б., “Туркмени Ирана”, “Туркменистан сегодня”, № 3, Ашхабад – 1992г. статья)
  • (Bibi Rabia Logashova, The author of the book «Iranian Turkmens» translated Quiros (Sayros) Izadi; Hussein Tahvili- Original: Russian language — Publication of «knowledge», Moscow — 1976. During the occupation, the author of these lines (1992), during their presence of the Institute, she had met for some time in the lectures, and the latest in the company’s achievements were the subject of his research notes (years 1990-1994).).
[3]. — بی بی رابعه لوگاشوا، نویسنده کتاب «ترکمنهای ایران»، ترجمه سیروس ایزدی؛ حسین تحویلی- نسخه اصلی: زبان روسی – انتشارات «دانش»، مسکو — سال ۱۹۷۶. در سالهای اشتغال نویسنده این سطور، در ایّام حضور ایشان در پژوهشکده، اوقاتی را در مصاحبت با وی می نشستیم و از آخرین دستاوردهای موضوع تحقیقاتی وی نت برداری میکردیم (آکادمی علوم ترکمنستان در سالهای 1990-1994).

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