Biography contained on the wrapper of the book «Poems Jahanshah Hakyky» by Publishers — بیوگرافی مندرج در پوستر جلد کتاب «دیوان جهانشاه حقیقی» از جانب انتشارات

Dr. H. Ownuk
Dr. Hangeldi Ownuk
«Behjat» Publications: Dr. Khangeldi Ovnuk was born on 4 Dey (January) 1335 sh (1956) in Hojanepes city functions Benderturkmen cities of province Golestan. Elementary and secondary education in his hometown in Benderturkmen finished, then entered to the Teacher Training Institute in the city of Gorgan.
During his education desired music, painting, poetry, literature and cultural issues — the community.
In early the time of Islamic Revolution in Iran to study the former Soviet Union and subsequently traveled to the Turkmenistan. After finishing 1995 in the State Institute Azady of Ashgabat he was worked to taught.
His doctoral dissertation on the topic of «History, Culture, ethnology, economic, social of Turkmens of Iran (from the XX century until 2005)” has been.
He has done cultural services and jobs in Turkmenistan among them, participate in the establishment and operation of foreign language training faculties in the State Institute of Azady of Ashgabat, Worked at Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan as a high category of Researcher of scientific expert, participate in the founding 7 languages of TV Channel of Turkmenistan, he has also on the paralel of his scientific work at the Research Institute of History of Academy Sciences of Turkmenistan, adviser of Minister of Consultant of president.
He moved to Canada in 2005 and now reside in Canada.

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