Information about television, radio and film industry of the country- اخبار در مورد رادیو، تلویزیون و صنعت فیلم کشور

Turkmen TV Com

Turkmen TV Com

Medeniyet: On October 17 of 2011 the opening ceremony of high tower which is called ““Turkmenistan” TV and radio broadcast center” was held with participation of the leader of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the occasion of significant 20th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat city. On that day the head of state signed the Decree “On foundation of state committee of Turkmenistan for Television, radio programs and cinematography”. This tower is located in the southern part of Ashgabat, at one top of Kopetdag Mountains the height of which is over 1000 meters. The total height of tower is about 211 meters together with its antenna. Its radio wave covering radius is 100 km. A particular peculiarity of this tower is that it shines in the shape of “octagonal star of Oguz Khan Turkmen” day and night. This tower is eye-catching from every corner of Ashgabat and its suburbs. Observation area of this tower creates an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the capital and of the mountain nature. This tower in the biggest architecture shape of the star in the world which symbolizes “Octagon star of Oguz Khan” was included into Guinness records’ book. “Turkmenistan” TV and radio broadcast center consists of 30 storeys. It is equipped with the modern telecommunication installations as well as mobile television stations.

The TV and radio broadcasting of the state committee of Turkmenistan for Television, radio programs and cinematography covers completely all events happening in Turkmenistan dealing with social-economic achievements, progresses and successes.

The workers of TV and radio committee give comprehensive coverage of the history of Turkmen people making TV and radio programs and producing films of different genres. They present the historical peculiarities of our country which were included into world cultural heritage list of the UNESCO and tell about invaluable heritages of our national culture via these programs to spectators.

The state committee of Turkmenistan for Television, radio programs and cinematography includes TV and Radio broadcasting and “Turkmenfilm” Union  named after Oguz Khan. There are 7 television channels under authority of the committee. 4 of them are television channels with radio channels which are put in charge of them. Every channel differs by their distinctive peculiarity:

1. “Altyn Asyr: Turkmenistan” TV and radio cahnnel is transmitted in Turkmen. It includes the radio channel “Vatan”. The guide of “Altyn Asyr: Turkmenistan” TV and “Vatan ”radio channel consists of the programs according to their tendencies. The TV and radio channel especially transmits political, economical, cultural events and news as well as meetings, scientific-practical conferences, international exhibitions held in the country as well achievements attained in the country. Mass spectators are presented programs in which festivals aimed at strengthening of friendly fraternal relations between people are widely covered. Among them there are “Vatan” news program and programs “Berkarar Vatan”, “Berk binyatly tutumlar”, “Hepdanin mohum wakalary”.

2. TV and radio channel “Yashlyk” is also transmitted in Turkmen. It includes the radio channel “Char tarapdan”. This TV and radio channel prepares programs in accordance with its tendency. It makes ponderable contribution in upbringing of growing generation. This TV and radio channel basically broadcasts programs dealing with the young generation, covers life kindergartens, secondary schools, higher educational establishments. In general it covers life of youth. The programs as “Chagalyk yyllarym”, “Bagtyyar nesiller”, “Doredijilige dowam”, “Turkmenistan vatanym”, “Tilsimat aleminde”, “Halypa pendini dinlesen”, “Dowletli zamananyn yashlary”, “Sizin uchin korpeler” can be cited as an example to afformentioned.

3. “Miras” tv and radio channel is transmitted in turkmen language as well. Its work is carried out jointly with the work of the radio channel “Miras”. As is known from the name this TV channel covers the events and news on cultural life of our country. TV and radio channel presents to mass spectators programs disclosing the historical-cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, including the national spiritual values, folk creativity, life way and activity of the great persons of the Turkmen people. Suchlike programs as “Medeni miras”, “Durler hazynasy”, “Halypalar yoly bilen”, “Sungat aleminde”, “Dowre gurap”, “Toy devresi ” are vivid confirmation to it.

4. TV channel “Turkmenistan” was found on September 12 in 2004 with a view of familiarization the world society with high achievements attained in Turkmenistan, history of the state and successes of social life as well as forthcoming progresses in innovative sphere of the country. the programs of the channel are broadcasted in 7 world languages. They are: Turkmen, Russian, Arabian,  Persian, French and Chinese. Programs prepared by the departments of “Economy”, “Policy”, “Culture”, “Science and Education”, “Rural economy” as well as suchlike programs as “Travelling along the history”, “Sport” are vivid confirmation of the aforementioned.

5. TV channel “Turkmen ovazy” was found on January 1st in 2009 and includes the radio channel “Ovaz”. The programs of television and radio channel are transmitted in Turkmen language. All programs of the channel deal with the national art of music the main aim of which is introducing the spectators with modern achievements gained in the sphere and satisfaction the listeners. Moreover the channel “Turkmen ovazy” is the channel which covers cultural activities, ceremonies, contests, meetings, musical festivals of the international level which are held at state level all over the country and which makes musical programs and feature films with participation of folk groups, bahshies (folk singers), musicians and singers. “Ovaz” channel transmits events happening in the country in Turkmen, Russian and English. The programs “Halkyn sazy-kalbymyn ovazy”, “Gel dutarym sozlesheli”, “Nagmalar”, “Shekile sinen ovazlar” prepared by “Turkmen ovazy” channel are of great popularity among people.

6. “Ashgabat”TV channel was found on October 1, in 2011. This channel is aimed at embodiment the political, economical, cultural and spiritual life of the capital as well as preparation of TV programs covering healthcare, education, and sport spheres as well as narrating about the international meetings and festivals held in Ashgabat and on units of cultural –recreational destination, parks and squares which are under construction. Suchlike programs as “Science and education”, “News”, “Culture”, “Economy”, “the children and youth” can be enumerated among them.

7. “Sport” tv channel of the state committee of Turkmenistan for Television, Radio broadcast and cinematography started its work on January 1 of 2012. “Sport” tv channel being on the same range with the sport TV channels of the world has the departments the work of which covers all types of sports. The programs of the channel are transmitted in Turkmen language. This channel makes the programs suchlike as “Sport habarlary”, “Behishdi bedewler”, “Sagdynlyk we Bagtyyarlyk yoly”, “Turkmen turgenlerinin ustunligi”, “Hazirki zaman sport dunyasi”, “Sport yaryshlaryndan reportajlar” and “Yenishli yollarda.”

8. Feature films, documentaries, feature-journalistic, historical and modern films are produced in  “Turkmenfilm” union named after Oguzkhan of the state committee of Turkmenistan for Television, radio broadcasting and cinematography. Suchlike feature films as “Mahrem chymar”, “Seyis”, “Akmayanyn yoly”, “Kalbymyn ovazy”, (Torebeg khanym), “Shayly gelin”, “Serhetchi”, documentaries like “Kneurgenchli ussa”, “Turkmen halysy” could win love of the spectators.

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